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Dec 28, PM. The US is doing a terrible job turning its wealth into real wellbeing for its citizens. The index can provide a granular understanding of why and how a country is failing to improve that performance. We see Social Progress Indexes as a practical way to measure sustainable development goals.

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The SDGs have a lot of complexity and challenges to find the right indicators in the measures. SPI captures the concepts of sustainable development goals but provides a practical measurement tool. Photo by mauro mora on Unsplash. James Mwangi on the Problem With Innovation.

James Mwangi - Dalberg , October 31, His recent work has focused on helping…. Mariana Costa Checa - Laboratoria , October 30, Here, a farmer drives his livestock to market. This is, to say the least, not the language of your average six-year-old.


This is indicative of a larger failing in Kuznets's argument. On the one hand, she treats Calvin and Hobbes as a sort of sequel to Winnie the Pooh , titling her section on it "Tigger Bounces into the Syndicates" Kuznets On the other hand, she admits that Calvin and Hobbes is not "an unmediated glimpse into the mind or manners of a six-year-old: only that Watterson's medium works to foster this illusion" Kuznets 54 , a statement which implies an adult reader.

Ultimately, Kuznets defaults to treating Calvin as a representation of a child in a literal sense, even if he is an inaccurately portrayed one. Though there are instances in the strip where this interpretation is productive, it seems to me on the whole unhelpful.

Real Things (song)

Calvin seems better considered as a signifier of a particular set of desires that can, broadly considered, be described as "childishness. This complexity is not well-represented in Kuznets's position, largely because of her position's reliance on the idea of imbuing a physical toy with life. This idea fundamentally bases her entire model on a theory of spatial fixity.

If Hobbes is a specific, physical toy he, by extension, becomes attached to a specific, physical six-year-old, as opposed to a more nebulous signifier. This problem does not plague the interpretation of Hobbes as an imaginary figure. Under this interpretation, Hobbes does not have to have a consistent identity — he has to have an identity that is constituted by Calvin's moment-to-moment psyche.

Even if Hobbes has a physical existence, this physicality is better construed not as the site of some mystical act of animation, but rather as the Symbolic moment — the, to borrow the phrase from Lacan, instance of the letter that signifies the dynamic, Imaginary personage. Watterson has since noted that he doesn't think the initial "origin strip" was necessary Watterson Tenth 29 , and notes also that the strip did not appear in many newspapers, leading the origin to be, in the context of the strip as a newspaper strip, essentially unknown.

As a result, there are no clear anchoring points where aspects of Hobbes's personage are firmly and initially established. Nor could there be — the disposable nature of the strips prevents a reliance on past events, as the past events are unlikely to be available to a current reader. Generally speaking, there are no instances of Hobbes doing something for the first time. Although there are first strips where a particular trope appears, within the world of the strip, everything that Hobbes does is already familiar behavior to Calvin. Admittedly, Calvin's father would eventually abandon the notion that it was worth arguing with Calvin on whether or not Hobbes really does things, but the bulk of the point remains.

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By the third strip, Hobbes has clearly already integrated into Calvin's home life, become Calvin's close friend, and his parents are at least peripherally aware that Calvin believes Hobbes to be real. Likewise, common gags related to Hobbes, such as his violently pouncing upon Calvin when he returns home, do not have an established first incident. This is not unique to Hobbes's tendency to maul Calvin, however.

In fact, most characters in Calvin and Hobbes do not have proper "introduction" moments — the only one other than Hobbes to get an introduction is Susie Derkins, who is introduced as a new girl. But later Miss Wormwood strips featuring Spaceman Spiff are functionally indistinguishable — they could serve just as satisfying an introduction. Both feature two panels of Calvin as Spaceman Spiff, then move to a panel of Calvin behaving inappropriately because of his indulgence in his fantasy.

Both end with Calvin sent to the principle's office. The later strip moves the Spaceman Spiff to the beginning, whereas the earlier one starts with Miss Wormwood then goes to Spaceman Spiff, but ultimately, the two strips are the exact same joke, told in more or less the same way. From the first moment, then, it is fair to say that Hobbes, along with most of the characters in the strip, is always-already constructed.