Marsupilami – tome 24 - Opération Attila (French Edition)

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  1. Marsupilami - Mediatoon Foreign Rights
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The asteroid Marsupilami is named in its honour. Marsupilami's adventures had been translated to several languages, like Dutch , German, Greek , Catalan , Spanish, Portuguese , English , and several Scandinavian languages. The most recent English translations are published by the British publishing house Cinebook. More than three million albums of the Marsupilami series are claimed to have been sold by Marsu Productions.

Marsupilami - Mediatoon Foreign Rights

In , Dupuis bought Marsu Productions and its characters, thereby allowing a new production of Spirou and Fantasio adventures including Marsupilami. The name is a portmanteau of the words marsupial , Pilou-Pilou the French name for Eugene the Jeep , a character Franquin loved as a child and ami , French for friend. He successfully found one on his expedition to South America with Spirou and subsequently brought it to Europe [6] , where it later became the pair's pet.

In Houba Banana , a album from the Marsupilami spin-off comic series written by Xavier Fauche and Eric Adam, its binomial name is given as Marsupilami franquini , referring to the real-life creator of the species, Franquin. The marsupilami is a black-spotted yellow monkey-like creature with dog-like ears.

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Female marsupilamis have a much shorter tail, but still long compared to real animals. Both the male and female are able to use their tail as a weapon, by tightening the end into a fist and the remainder of the tail into a spring-like spiral for maximal force. This attack was responsible for the Danish and Norwegian translators choosing words similar to "spiral" over "marsupial" as the creature's name.

Unlike the males, the females also walk on the tips of their toes.

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When the animal rebounds, he makes the noise: "Boing". Males are also drawn with their eyes not completely separated, as if the sclerae of both eyes have merged together, while females are drawn with two completely separate eyes. Female marsupilamis also have a different voice compared to the males. Males say "houba" most of the time, while females say "houbi". The appellation "The Marsupilami" originally referred to the individual captured and then adopted by Spirou and Fantasio, which they never bothered to name because he was the only known specimen.

The Spirou et Fantasio album Le nid des Marsupilamis introduces more marsupilami characters, none of whom are in captivity; the album is mostly concerned with a documentary-within-the-comic about the life of a family of marsupilamis living in the wild in Palombia. The later spin-off series Marsupilami , drawn by Batem, stars this family, and the title of the series, " Marsupilami ", refers to the father in this family, who is also unnamed, and not to the pet Marsupilami owned by Spirou and Fantasio.

In these series, Marsupilami's wife is referred to as Marsupilamie a female version of the name but their three young are named, respectively, Bibi, Bibu and Bobo. Mars le noir Mars the Black is another specimen, which first appears in the album Mars le Noir. A former captive marsupilami, he first finds it hard to live again in the forest. After failing to seduce Marsupilamie, he becomes jealous of Marsupilami and nearly gets into a fight with him.

In Baby Prinz , another specimen, an elderly male who lives in a zoo, is featured. Altogether, that comes to eight specimens in Palombia, plus Spirou and Fantasio's pet. Marsupilamis have been shown with multiple different fur colourations - yellow, yellow with black spots, black, white, white with black spots, and black with yellow spots.

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The most frequently seen fur colours are yellow with black spots, yellow with no spots, and black all over, as these are the variations seen within the main Marsupilami family in the Marsupilami comic series; these are also the fur colours that are regularly seen in the French animated series featuring the same family.

By the late s, Franquin decided to retire from drawing the Spirou and Fantasio series, which was passed to a new artist, Jean-Claude Fournier. Franquin did not give permission for the character to continue appearing in the series after the first Fournier story, Le faiseur d'or "The Gold Maker" , [9] in which Franquin drew the Marsupilami himself.

Marsupilami - Ciel mon Marsu

Spirou's Marsupilami ceased to feature in the comics after that, and was absent from Spirou and Fantasio until In , Franquin launched a new series centering around the Marsupilami with the new publishing house, Marsu Productions. This series featured the Marsupilami family which had appeared in Le nid des Marsupilamis. The first four volumes were illustrated by both Franquin and Batem. From the fifth volume onwards, Batem is the sole illustrator of the series.


The stories in the first two volumes were written by Greg. Friend Reviews.

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  5. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Biba , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Biba Marsupilami, The latest tome in the long running series of albums about the strange character Marsupilami, and also the first in a new deal to once again translate these albums into Swedish.

    All through this, several game hunters are out to catch the young child, and the other marsupilami, but are foiled gain and again by sheer luck or by the incredible strength and resilience of the marsupilami. Art: I am a big fan of the Marcinelle style, and I of course applaud the decision to translate more of the modern comics that are being produced in this style into Swedish. This series features the art of Batem Luc Collin , doing a good impression of the art of Franquin, who created Marsupilami for the Spirou series way back in the s.

    Batem is of course not Franquin, but then no-one else is Critique For young readers this is good stuff. Good art, easy to read and an action-packed story with themes of ecology, courage and love, and of the big bad game hunters inevitably getting what they deserve. Like the art, it's not great, but more than adequate as easy going entertainment. As an adult, I'm a bit uncomfortable with the idea of white people running around in a jungle full of indigenous people, brought to the front when the young boy in the story flies a drone across the nearby village, laughing at the incomprehension of the natives But these are minor quibbles.

    Comments: As per usual, the production of the books by Cobolt is nigh perfect. Hardcover something that we are not spoiled with in Sweden, where French-Belgian albums hade mostly been published as softcovers , preface about the history of the series, partial lacquer on the cover and so on. Productions wise, this is a piece of beauty. Benoit Sauvage International marketing director. June 20, 27th French Film Festival in Japan. October 5, French sales companies and Russian distributors meet once again in Moscow with UniFrance.

    January 4, Top 10 French exporters and producers abroad in July 5, Serge Toubiana elected the new president of UniFrance. June 8, 25th French Film Festival in Japan. September 19, UniFrance organizes a meeting between French sales agents and Russian distributors. October 30, French sales agents will be out in force at the 36th AFM. March 26, French films at the international box office: February November 30, 2nd Rendez-vous with French Cinema in Singapore.

    February 27, Hong Kong hosts the 6th Filmart.

    December 9, Under the Siberian sun! September 9, A French comedy charms Hong Kong moviegoers. November 26, Moscow: 5th French Film Festival. September 30, French sales agents at fall season international film markets.