What About the Children?

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There was always more than enough to eat and consideration was taken not to provide overly spicy food, which meant that they children also had the full Thai food experience throughout the holiday. Jenny Walmsley and her family experienced the same helpful attitude on Elephants and Waterfalls. She told us: "Unable to find anything she liked at the elephant park's buffet, my middle daughter was very helpfully offered an omelette.

They also got her some bread and jam from the kitchen.

We've dealt with everything from nut allergies to dislike of carrots! While most parents would be fairly confident that their children would enjoy an action-led holiday, could there be a danger that the youngsters might not have enough to interest them on a more nature-oriented trip?

Yolanda Adams – What About The Children Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Certainly not so according to Lucy Thomson and her husband who also took their three young boys on Elephants and Waterfalls where wildlife and nature feature heavily. The boys are full of stories about the clay house and paddy field fishing. Lucy's sons, aged between 5 and 10, also took a real liking to one of our hosts, Yui as well as being able to meet his children and play with them and visit schools. We're not surprised, because all our hosts, guides and drivers are known to us personally, and it took us a lot of time to find the right people.

Bill Bowler, a vet from Nottingham, his wife Jeanette and their children found that our hosts and guides and even our drivers often went that extra mile to make the whole family feel welcome. He was brilliant and just put that extra bit in.

Think of the children

The boys are full of stories. That wasn't the only cake on the trip. Bill and Jeanette's daughter Poppy celebrated her birthday while on holiday - she was surprised with a birthday cake we had arranged with one of our families they had stayed with earlier in the week. Finally, remember that a 'family holiday' doesn't just have to mean parents travelling with young children, teenagers or university-aged children.

The extended Evans family holidayed with Tell Tale Travel last year, enjoying a family reunion to celebrate several birthdays and anniversaries.

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Being spread right across the globe - South Africa, the UK and New Zealand - they don't get to meet up often, and so they travelled to Thailand for a holiday. The youngest in their party was just 2 years old and the eldest over 70, but fun was had by all. Our usual recommended age is 5 or 6, but we made a special itinerary for this family. Head of the family, Tony Evans, said of the trip: "I must congratulate you on arranging a superb holiday for us.


I couldn't have asked for more variety and involvement in the Thai culture and tradition. Dad was in his element having his family around.

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It is only in the last few minutes of our evolution years at most that we have conducted our relationships under a very different ideology, that of a movement of ideas known as Romanticism. For Romanticism, the most important aspect of any relationship is not practical, it has to do with the emotional intensity that connects a couple; how good the sex is, how much one feels understood and to what degree a partner still feels like a soulmate. This hugely ambitious and distinctive philosophy of love has created a very large puzzle around what was, traditionally, an obvious priority for any couple: keeping a child under one roof with his or her own parents.

From the dawn of settled agricultural societies, a high degree of family unity was understood to take clear precedence over the inner satisfaction and emotional buoyancy of the parents. This was extremely brutal at points, but it did — arguably — have certain upsides, or at least a certain clarity, as far as children were concerned. Or should one stay for the sake of the children? A dominant theory has often sought to extend the concerns of Romanticism into the realm of children. They think a lot about, and are exercised by, the emotional honesty circulating between partners.

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And as a result, advice is often given that couples should separate, in order to demonstrate to their children the wisdom of an emotion-centric Romantic existence. It makes a lot of sense — and in many cases must surely be the right answer.

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But it is worth considering an alternative view that begins in a different place: with a contrasting analysis of what children might really want. What these guests want above all is to secure a set of deeply pragmatic and very understandable goals:. These comparative lists start to suggest a possible answer to the dilemma of whether one might stay or leave in so far as the welfare of children is the issue. The question can be answered either way.

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